Are Security Cameras Worth It

Security Cameras are applied not just by home owners but business owners too. Home-owners make use of these to ensure that they are safe from criminals who would like to steal their precious items. Criminals are not only effective at robbing important pieces. When they’re caught in addition, they are skillful at damaging their household […]

Recover Lost Photos from Kodak EasyShare C1013CD1013 Camera

Camera: Kodak EasyShare C1013/CD1013 Memory Card: SD (Secure Digital) / SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) Memory Card Errors: You might experience different issues and errors with your Kodak EasyShare C1013/CD1013 camera: SD/SDHC card is not recognized by Kodak EasyShare C1013/CD1013 Camera freezes when SD/SDHC card is inserted You encounter errors such as: “Memory card cannot […]

Australian Photography

Australia is a beautiful island continent, it has varying landscapes, wildlife and cultures Though there is one thing common to all who live there, they love to celebrate life and are happy and colourful people! When you belong to a beautiful land you have a natural eye for beauty, thus not surprisingly Australia has a […]

Wedding Photography And The Dangers Of Over-processing

In the digital age of photography, post-production can be as important as capturing the image itself. And with amazing advances in post-processing software, like Photoshop, an image can be manipulated to astounding degrees – even to a point of being unrecognizable from the original. Unlimited possibilities is where some wedding photographers, mostly amateurs but also […]